Department of Business Administration
Secondary Education - Technology Teacher

First Year

First Semester Second Semester
English Composition I ENG 1113 English Composition II ENG 1123
Graphic Commun. I GRA 1143 Graphic Commun. II GRA 1153
Humanities Elective 3 Hours Public Speaking I SPT 1113
College Algebra MAT 1313 Humanities Elective 3 Hours
Fine Arts Elective 3 Hours **Mathematics Elective 3 Hours
Total 15 Hours Total 15 Hours

Second Year

First Semester Second Semester
Wood Working I IED 1213 Forging & Welding IED 2323
Macro Economics ECO 2113 Amer State/Local Govt PSC 1123
Accounting I ACC 1213 Legal Envir/Business BAD 2413
Basic Elect/Electronics IED 1813 ***Computer Science 3 Hours
*Natural Science w/Lab 4 Hours *Natural Science w/Lab 4 Hours
Total 16 Hours Total 16 Hours

This program of study is designed to meet teacher certification requirements in technology education. This includes basic vocational education, trade, and industrial education, as well as diversified technology and industrial arts.

Consult with your chosen transfer university or college to determine modification of this curriculum.

*BIO 1134 (General Biology I for Majors), BIO 1144 (General Biology II for Majors), BIO 1314 (Botany I), BIO 2414 (Zoology I), CHE 1213 & 1211 (General Chemistry I w/Lab), CHE 1223 & 1221 (General Chemistry II w/Lab), PHY 2414 (General Physics I), or PHY 2424 (General Physics II).

**MAT 1323 (Trigonometry) or MAT 1333 (Finite Mathematics &Introduction to Calculus).

***CSC 1123 (Computer Applications I) or CSC 1613 (Computer Programming I)

Students should plan to take the Praxis I (Pre-professional Skills Test) the first semester of their sophomore year or early in the second semester. Students must have met the minimum required score on the Praxis I before they will be accepted in an education program at a senior college. Acceptance into an education program is necessary before students can enroll in required junior or senior level education courses.