Department of Fine Arts
Music (Goodman Campus)

First Year 

First Semester Second Semester
English Composition I ENG 1113 English Composition II ENG 1123
College Algebra MAT 1313 **Music Elective 3
General Psychology I PSY 1513 Social/Behavioral Science 3
*Music Theory I MUS 1214 *Music Theory II MUS 1224
*Class Piano I MUA 1511 *Class Piano II MUA 1521
*Major Instrument I 2 *Major Instrument II 2
Ensemble I 1 Ensemble II 1
Recital Class I MUS 1911 Recital Class II MUS 1921
Total 18 Hours Total 18 Hours
Second Year 

First Semester Second Semester
Western Civilization I HIS 1113 Western Civilization II HIS 1123
OR World Civilization I HIS 1163 OR World Civilization II HIS 1173
**Music Elective 3 Public Speaking I SPT 1113
Natural Science w/Lab 4 Natural Science w/Lab 4
*Music Theory III MUS 2214 *Music Theory IV MUS 2224
*Class Piano III MUA 2511 *Class Piano IV MUA 2521
*Major Instrument III 2 *Major Instrument IV 2
Ensemble III 1 Ensemble IV 1
Recital Class III MUS 2911 Recital Class IV MUS 2921
Total 19 Hours Total 19 Hours

Consult with your chosen transfer university to determine changes to this curriculum. 

*Failure to complete any portion of this combination of courses forfeits advancement to the next level of all. 

**Choose from the following Music Electives:
  • MUS 1123 - Music Survey
  • MUS 1413 - Basic Computer Skills for Musicians
  • MUS 2443 - Audio Engineering I 
Participation in Choir or Band is required each semester.