Department of Fine Arts
Music (Goodman Campus)

First Year 

First Semester Second Semester
English Composition I ENG 1113 English Composition II ENG 1123
College Algebra MAT 1313 **Music Elective 3
General Psychology I PSY 1513 Social/Behavioral Science Elective 3
*Music Theory I MUS 1214 *Music Theory II MUS 1224
*Class Piano I MUA 1511 *Class Piano II MUA 1521
*Major Instrument I 2 *Major Instrument II 2
Ensemble I 1 Ensemble II 1
Recital Class I MUS 1911 Recital Class II MUS 1921
Total 18 Hours Total 18 Hours
Second Year 

First Semester Second Semester
Western Civilization I HIS 1113 Western Civilization II HIS 1123
   OR World Civilization I HIS 1163    OR World Civilization II HIS 1173
**Music Elective 3 Public Speaking I SPT 1113
Natural Science w/Lab 4 Natural Science w/Lab 4
*Music Theory III MUS 2214 *Music Theory IV MUS 2224
*Class Piano III MUA 2511 *Class Piano IV MUA 2521
*Major Instrument III 2 *Major Instrument IV 2
Ensemble III 1 Ensemble IV 1
Recital Class III MUS 2911 Recital Class IV MUS 2921
Total 19 Hours Total 19 Hours

Consult with your chosen transfer college to determine changes to this curriculum. 

Participation in Choir or Band is required each semester.

*Failure to complete any portion of this combination of courses forfeits advancement to the next level of all. 

**Choose from the following Music Electives:

  • MUS 1123 - Music Survey
  • MUS 1413 - Basic Computer Skills for Musicians
  • MUS 2443 - Audio Engineering I