History & Political Science

Making sense of the world ...

Mark Rummage, Department Chair
Main Building - Office 109B
Grenada Center

Laura Canard, Associate Department Chair
Social Science Building - Office 7
Goodman Campus

Welcome to the home page of Holmes Community College’s History and Political Science Department! We offer classes in Criminal Justice, History, Philosophy, and Political Science that can serve either as preparation for further study in those disciplines or which can help lead to an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice, English/Social Science Secondary Education, General College Studies, Liberal Arts, or Pre-Law. Look for our courses in the Holmes Bulletin under the listings for Criminal Justice (CRJ), History (HIS), Philosophy and Bible (PHI), and Political Science (PSC).

Developing a better understanding of just how the world as we know it came to be, how it works, where it’s headed – that’s our focus, and what we hope to share with our students. Come join us on our journey!