Department of Natural Sciences
Health-Related Professions

First Year

First Semester Second Semester
English Composition I ENG 1113 English Composition II ENG 1123
Gen Chemistry I CHE 1213 Gen Chemistry II CHE 1223
Gen Chemistry Lab I CHE 1211 Gen Chemistry Lab II CHE 1221
Zoology I BIO 2414 Zoology II BIO 2424
OR General Biology I BIO 1134 OR General Biology II BIO 1144
College Algebra MAT 1313 *Elective 4 Hours
Total 14 Hours Total 15 Hours

Second Year

First Semester Second Semester
Social/Behavioral Science 3 Hours Social/Behavioral Science 3 Hours
Human A & P I BIO 2514 Human A & P II BIO 2524
Humanities Elective 3 Hours Humanities Elective 3 Hours
Computer Applications I CSC 1123 Microbiology BIO 2924
Public Speaking I SPT 1113 Fine Arts Elective 3 Hours
Total 16 Hours Total 17 Hours

Consult with your chosen transfer university to determine changes to this curriculum. 

All programs at the Medical Center have a limited class size with competitive admissions. Students should start the application process early in their sophomore year. 

*Electives may consist of one 3-hour course and one 1-hour course OR they may be one 4-hour course.