Department of Natural Sciences
Secondary Education - Physics

First Year

First Semester Second Semester
English Composition I ENG 1113 English Composition II ENG 1123
Calculus I MAT 1613 Calculus II MAT 1623
General Chemistry I CHE 1213 General Chemistry II CHE 1223
General Chemistry Lab I CHE 1211 General Chemistry Lab II CHE 1221
Fine Arts Elective 3 Public Speaking I SPT 1113
*Elective 3 *Elective 3
Total 16 Hours Total 16 Hours

Second Year

First Semester Second Semester
General Physics I-A PHY 2514 General Physics II-A PHY 2524
General Psychology I PSY 1513 Social/Behavioral Science Elective 3
Literature Elective 3 History Elective 3
*Elective 3 *Elective 3
*Elective 3 *Elective 3
Total 16 Hours Total 16 Hours

*Consult with your chosen transfer college to determine changes to this curriculum.

*Choose from the following electives:

  • MAT 2613 Calculus III
  • MAT 2623 Calculus IV
  • PHY 1114 Astronomy
  • MAT 2113 Introduction to Linear Algebra
  • EGR 2413 Engineering Mechanics I
  • Biology Elective for Majors
  • History Elective

Some students may need to take MAT 1313 College Algebra and MAT 1323 Trigonometry (if placement score requires) prior to enrolling in MAT 1613 Calculus I. These students are advised to take these courses in the summer before their freshmen year in order to complete the Calculus sequence before transferring.

It is strongly recommended that students complete the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (Core) (formerly Praxis I) examination prior to transferring (if required).