Campus Housing (Goodman)


There is currently no dormitory space left for the fall 2019 semester for non-athletic scholarship students.
There are waiting lists for both men and women. Only those students registered for 15 or more hours on the Goodman campus will be considered for room assignments should space become available. It is the student's responsibility to notify the Director of Student Housing by e-mail at, as soon as a schedule is inputted into the college's computer system. Room assignments will be made on a first-come, first, serve basis from the waiting list of those registered for classes by the date that the student notified us and we confirmed his/her schedule.

For those not registered or those currently registered but are still on the waiting list, you should make plans to commute for the fall 2019 semester. Generally, any openings that may become available are filled within the first two weeks of the school semester.

If you have not applied for housing at this point, you are very late and would likely not be assigned a room, due to the length of the waiting lists for men and women. It is highly suggested that you consider applying for the spring 2020 semester instead, as those applications are already being received.

Terry Fancher
Director of Student Housing
Student Center, Goodman Campus
(662) 472-9001

Holmes Community College provides seven dormitories for its resident students on the Goodman Campus. All residence halls have two to three floors with bathroom facilities that are community, suite style, or private. All dormitories are equipped with free wireless internet service and free cable television. The college is capable of providing residence for approximately 564 students.

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