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Young Alumnus of the Year, Gregory Neal Holloway

Gregory Neal Holloway played soccer on the Ridgeland Campus during the 2002-2003 season. He is a native of Byram and a graduate of Terry High School.

“The entire experience, the team experience at Holmes was the most memorable,” Holloway said.

When Holloway played at Holmes, the soccer program was very young; it was only in its seventh year.The team only had two sophomores and one of them was Holloway. Holloway played under Coach Matt Convertino at Holmes and the team finished the year with more wins than the last four seasons combined.

“I don’t think I could be prouder,” Coach Convertino said. “Even though the team consisted of almost entirely freshman, the players were willing to buy into the playing philosophy that I was selling from day one.”

Holloway continued on to Mississippi College (MC) to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting. His first job after MC was with Harrold Contracting, a general contracting firm in Florida, on their estimate and bidding team. Later, he moved up to their program management team building high rise condominiums.

After working with Harrold Contracting Group, he became a partner with a company called TenaxAerospace, LLC. Tenax was a special mission leasing company for aircrafts that leased aircrafts to different government entities.  In January 2018, Tenax Aerospace was sold to another investment firm in Connecticut. 

While a principal at Tenax Aerospace, Holloway shaped the company’s strategic direction and growth. This gave him the foundation of where he is today with investment groups, to actively be involved in  investment opportunities across multiple markets such as real estate, veterinary medicine, healthcare, oil and gas industries. 

“Holmes prepared me to take on a challenge,” said Holloway.

Holloway and his wife, Traci, live in Madison with their two children, Cruz (8) and Mattie Grace (5). He also serves on a board of a non-profit foundation.