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Fine Arts Connection

The Holmes Connection!

This highly enthusiastic group represents Holmes CC with shows in all nine counties and beyond, performing popular music from all musical genres appropriate for any age group. The members are selected by audition and receive scholarship for their disciplined commitment to rehearsal and performance. With an amazing light show, powerful vocals, and contagiously energetic choreography, The Holmes Connection! provides an exciting, professional show that generates magnetic audience appeal. If you enjoy the thrill of live entertainment, you must be apart of The Holmes Connection!

Auditions & scholarships

Generous scholarships are available for any singer who participates in choral ensembles, and are awarded by audition. Full talent-based scholarships are available for disciplined commitment to rehearsal and performance, and can be applied to tuition, dormitory room, and three provided meals per school day. Audition and scholarship information can be obtained by contacting Mr. Mike Yates, Director of The Holmes Connection and Entertainment Media Studies.

Options for Stage and Road Crew and Manager

Scholarship opportunities are also available for Crew and Manager positions:

Stage & Road Crew

If you like to build and create through hands-on projects, Holmes has a place for you. We offer opportunities to work behind the scenes of our music ensembles and fine arts programs. Each crew member works with the Director to create a professional, exciting visual and aural show. Crew members gain experience in the following areas:

  • Building stage props
  • Assembling sound tech, lighting tech, and special effects
  • Maintaining all equipment and tools
  • Working backstage-facilitating set changes, haze machines, microphones, & wardrobe changes


Michael Yates
Director of The Holmes Connection! Show Choir
Montgomery Fine Arts, Office # 9
(662) 472-9061