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ADN Admission Policy

The Associate Degree Nursing Program is a two-year program designed to provide educational opportunities to qualified students for a career in nursing. The program responds to the expanding health care needs of the community. The curriculum includes a balance of general education, nursing theory, and laboratory/clinical experience. Graduates receive an Associate of Applied Science degree (AAS). Graduates that meet the requirements of the State Board of Nursing are eligible to write the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. The Associate Degree Nursing Program is accredited by the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning of Mississippi and the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN). The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. can be contacted at 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA 30326 (  Phone 404-975-5000, Fax: 404-75-5020 for specific program information.

Students who are accepted, but who have not had the following courses BIO 2514-Anatomy and Physiology I, BIO 2524-Anatomy and Physiology II, BIO 2924-Microbiology, FCS 1253/BIO1613 Nutrition, must take and successfully pass these courses with at least a grade C before beginning nursing classes.

Nursing students must meet the same general admission requirements as those required for all applicants to Holmes Community College. In addition, they must meet the requirement outlined below:

A student must have an ACT composite score of 15 if taken before October, 1989, or 18 if taken in October, 1989, or after. In order to apply to the Associate Degree Nursing Program, the student must have a 2.0 overall grade point average. 

The applicant must have an 18 or higher composite on the ACT with an 18 Reading subscore; a 17 Math subscore or have passed a 3-hour College Algebra or higher math course. For ACT scores before 10/28/89, please see the ACT Concordance Table under Academic Policies and Regulations in the HCC Bulletin. The number of students admitted is based on the number of nursing faculty. Standards for Accreditation of Schools of Nursing for the State of Mississippi require that total enrollment be limited to a maximum of fifteen students for each full-time or equivalent qualified nursing faculty member and that the student-faculty ratio in the clinical is no more than ten to one. The selection of those to be admitted is done using the Weighted Scale ADN Admission Policy. All applicants are ranked and are offered positions according to their score. Those applicants with the highest scores will be accepted.

Weighted Scale ADN Admission Policy
Enrollment in the ADN Program is limited; therefore. the selection of applicants is done on a point system.  Selection is academically competitive based on the following categories: ACT, plus college hours and college GPA from a regionally accredited school.

If two people have the same score, preference will be given according to their rating on the ACT or, these being equal, their GPA.

Notification of acceptance in the nursing program must come from the Associate Degree Nursing Program-not the Admissions Office.

An applicant must be in generally good health. Upon acceptance, satisfactory reports from a family physician will be required, as well as currently recommended immunizations, a drug screen, and TB skin test.  Applicants must also be CPR certified, and pass a criminal background check.

A letter of acceptance to the nursing program will be sent to each applicant selected for each class via email. It is required that an applicant confirm his/her intention to attend nursing classes for the year designated.  Failure to notify the Assistant Directors of the ADN program within a designated period of time indicates that the applicant no longer wishes to enter the program.

In addition to regular college fees, an associate degree nursing student will incur expenses for such items as uniforms, textbooks, supplies, insurance, and the expense of travel to some clinical sites.

The application process is on-line through the Holmes Community College web site. Applications for the generic track for the fall and summer semesters are available on January 15. Applications for the spring semester track are available August 1. Applications are available for a limited time, usually thirty to forty-five days.

Prior Enrollment in Nursing Courses/ Readmission Limitations
Any student who has been previously enrolled in any nursing program must contact the Office of the Assistant Directors of the Associate Degree Nursing Program. Any student who has been withdrawn from, voluntarily withdrew from, or was unsuccessful in any nursing or practical nursing course has one opportunity for readmission. Any student with two (2) withdrawals or failures from any nursing or practical nursing course is not eligible for readmission.

LPN/Paramedic Readmissions
If an LPN/Paramedic in Option I or Option II is not successful in a nursing course, then he/she must apply for readmission to the program as a generic student.

Completion of the Program-Any student who failed a nursing course or who withdrew from a nursing course or was withdrawn from the nursing program may apply for readmission. The student must complete the course of study within 1 1/2  times the length of the program as set forth through regulations by the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning.

Associate Degree Nursing Grading Scale
A 90 – 100
B 80 -89
C 70 -79
D 60 -69
F Below 60