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ADN Progression Statement

The very nature of the profession of nursing requires that one be able to master the theoretical as well as the clinical components of the curriculum. In view of the fact that individuals providing nursing care may adversely affect the maintenance and quality of human life, the nursing faculty have established a progression policy. The progression policy is in each nursing syllabus and the nursing student handbook. A summary of the progression policy is as follows:

Students must successfully complete all required components as designated in each nursing course. The student may refer to each syllabus for details. Attendance at clinical is mandatory for progression. 

Students must make a “B” or better in all required nursing courses and a “C” or better in all required science courses and nutrition. Nursing students must maintain an overall 2.0 GPA or above on all non-science, non-nursing courses, to remain in the prescribed curriculum. A student making a “C” or below in one nursing course is automatically excluded from the Associate Degree Nursing Program and must apply for re-admission to the Holmes Community College Associate Degree Nursing Program if they wish to return.