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PTA Expected Student Outcomes

Outcome Measures

  • Graduation Rate for the PTA classes of 2021 and 2022: 90.91 %
  • Licensure Pass Rate for the PTA classes of 2021 and 2022: 95 %
  • Employment Rate for the PTA classes of 2021 and 2022: 100 %
  • First time licensure pass rate for the PTA classes of 2021 and 2022: 90 %

The PTA Student Goals and Objectives

I. The PTA student will integrate the concepts and theories of his/her general education background with current physical therapy knowledge and practice.

A. Objective- The student will demonstrate the ability to use both written and oral communication to convey physical science concepts within the physical therapy field to other students, patients, and caregivers.

II. The PTA student will promote the continued development of the profession through service organizations, professional organizations, and by being a positive role model within the community.

A. Objective- The student will participate in at least 10 community service hours per semester for a total of 50 hours of community service prior to graduation.

B. Objective- The student will join and remain current in his/her APTA and MPTA professional association while enrolled in the PTA program.

C. Objective- The student will attend the state MPTA convention while enrolled in the PTA program.

III. The PTA student will demonstrate professional work behaviors in both classroom and clinical settings.

A. Objective- The student will demonstrate aspects of timeliness, respect, value, and an appreciation of the needs of all people regardless of position in society.

B. Objective- The student will demonstrate appropriate and effective written, oral, and non-verbal communications with faculty, patients, caregivers, colleagues, and the public.

IV. The PTA student will work effectively with physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and other health care providers in a variety of clinical settings.

A. Objective- The student will verbalize the understanding of the scope of practice for various health care professions and will provide evidence of communication with various health care providers to meet the needs of patients during clinical education experiences.

V. The PTA student will competently perform the intervention component and data collection skills in clinical settings and appropriately modify components of intervention within the guidelines of the plan of care established by a physical therapist.

A. Objective- The student will effectively apply knowledge of basic and PT sciences to the application and appropriate modification of selected PT procedures.

 VI. The PTA student will access and apply evidence-based practice in a variety of patient populations.

A. Objective- The students will utilize the current literature to implement the most effective intervention within the physical therapist’s plan of care to achieve the best possible patient outcome. 

B. Objective- While enrolled in the PTA Program, the student will participate in each of the following clinical settings, during their clinical experiences:  outpatient, acute, and sub-acute rehabilitation facility.

*The Holmes CC PTA Program adheres to the description of the professional and educational requirements as outlined in the standards set forth by the Commission on Accreditation for Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE).

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