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Biological Science

This curriculum is designed to meet the admission requirements for four-year public institutions in Mississippi. Due to the diversity of disciplines within biological sciences, students are encouraged to work closely with their advisor to map out the best plan for transfer.
Health Sciences Pathway

Program Curriculum


First Semester
  • English Composition I ENG 1113
  • General Biology I BIO 1134
  • College Algebra MAT 1313
  • General Chemistry I CHE 1214
  • History Elective (Continuous) (3)
Total 17 Hours
Second Semester
  • English Composition II ENG 1123
  • General Biology II BIO 1144
  • Trigonometry MAT 1323
  • General Chemistry II CHE 1224
  • History Elective (Continuous) (3)
Total 17 Hours
First Semester
  • Organic Chemistry I CHE 2424
  • Calculus I MAT 1613
  • Public Speaking I SPT/COM 1113
  • Literature Elective (3)
  • **Social/Behavioral Science Elective (3)
Total 16 Hours
Second Semester
  • Organic Chemistry II CHE 2434
  • ***Fine Arts Elective (3)
  • Literature Elective (3)
  • **Social/Behavioral Science Elective (3)
Total 13 Hours
*Consult with your chosen transfer university/college to determine changes to this curriculum.

**Choose from the following Social/Behavioral Science Electives:
ECO 2113 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 2123 Principles of Microeconomics
PSC 1113 American National Government
PSC 2113 Comparative Government
PSY 1513 General Psychology
SOC 2113 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 2213 Introduction to Anthropology

***ART 1113 Art Appreciation, MUS 1113 Music Appreciation, or SPT 2233 Theatre Appreciation
Enrollment in a minimum of 15 hours each semester is recommended for eligibility for state aid, institutional scholarships, and the tuition break.