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Physical Therapist Assistant

A major purpose of the Physical Therapy Assistant Technology program is to prepare graduates to assist physical therapists in healthcare settings to deliver physical therapy services in a safe, effective manner and to stimulate a lifelong commitment to continued professional development. The fist semester will begin in the Spring. For further information please see the current District Bulletin.


Program Curriculum


First Semester
  • Fundamental Concepts of Physical Therapy PTA 1123
  • Kinesiology PTA 1314
  • Fundamental Skills for Physical Therapist Assistants PTA 1213
  • Seminar I PTA 1912
  • *English Composition I ENG 1113
  • *Anatomy & Physiology I BIO 2514
Total 19 Hours
Second Semester
  • Therapeutic Modalities PTA 1223
  • Therapeutic Exercise & Rehabilitation I PTA 1324
  • Electrotherapy PTA 2234
  • PTA Practicum I PTA 1131
  • *General Psychology PSY 1513
  • *Public Speaking I SPT/COM 1113
Total 18 Hours
Third Semester
  • Seminar II PTA 1922
  • *Anatomy & Physiology II BIO 2524
Total 6 Hours
First Semester
  • Clinical Education I PTA 2413
  • Medical Conditions & Related Pathology PTA 2513
  • Therapeutic Exercise & Rehabilitation II PTA 2334
  • Seminar III PTA 2912
  • *Humanities/Fine Arts Elective (3)
Total 15 Hours
Second Semester
  • Clinical Education II PTA 2423
  • Clinical Education III PTA 2433
  • Clinical Education IV PTA 2443
  • Physical Therapy Seminar PTA 2523
Total 12 Hours

*These courses will count toward class selection with a final grade of C or higher and submitted by program application deadline.
Enrollment in a minimum of 15 hours each semester is recommended for eligibility for state aid, institutional scholarships, and the tuition break.