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Social & Behavioral Science Honors Program

Social & Behavioral Sciences Honors

The Social & Behavioral Science Honors Program is an advanced course developed by Goodman Instructors:  Jacqueline Bell (Psychology) and Rhonda Eichler-Johnson (Sociology/Social Work) that combines a multitude of disciplines, although primarily Psychology and Social Work Programs of Study, in one course. This course has recently started being offered to students on the Grenada Campus taught by Tina Garrett (Psychology) and Frances Nix (Sociology).  The students are selected by the instructors and admittance to the course is by invitation only. Students are given real-world case studies that provide them with a clear and concise picture of what their work duties will entail in their chosen career path while offering them the opportunity to meet and learn from professionals currently in the field through facility visits. The course is not only informative but highly demanding of those students chosen.

Interested Student Candidates may contact for an information session:

Goodman Campus
Jacqueline Bell
(662) 472-9168

Rhonda Eichler-Johnson
(662) 472-9008

Grenada Campus
Tina Garrett
(662) 227-2329

Frances Nix
(662) 227-2365