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Rules & Regulations

Ridgeland Facility

1. Members are required to present a valid Holmes CC Student, Faculty, or Staff Badge to enter the facility.

2. Users of the facility are expected to respect facility policies, procedures and the rights of other individuals. Disorderly conduct, including verbal or physical abuse to another individual will not be tolerated and may result in the loss of facility privileges.

3. Tobacco products, electronic cigarette etc., and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on school property. The use of tobacco products are confined to personal vehicle.

4. Food and colored drinks are prohibited in the workout area. Only non-breakable, clear water bottles with a lid or control spout are allowed in these areas.

5. Only appropriate athletic attire may be worn in the gym.

a. Shirts must be worn in the weight room at all times.
b. No jeans, scrubs, clothing with protrusions and/or fraying may be worn during the workout.
c. Closed toe/foot athletic shoes are required except in the pool area.

6. Photographs without Holmes CC permission are prohibited. This includes all technology with built in cameras.

7. Excessively loud or suggestive language, grunting, or profanity is NOT allowed.

8. Holmes CC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. It is strongly suggested that you keep your belongings with you at all times or stored in a locker (based on availability) with a lock during workout times. Anything left in the lockers overnight will be turned in to campus police.

9. All lost I.D. badges will be turned into campus police.

10. Patrons should use caution during weight lifting to avoid potential injury to themselves and others.

11. DO NOT slam or intentionally drop weights. If found dropping weights, you will be asked to leave.

12. Weights must be returned to proper storage after each use.

13. Weights are only allowed on the gym floor and in the aerobic classes.

14. Trampolines will only be used for aerobic classes.

15. Patrons must comply with all instructions given by gym floor instructors, staff, and management.

16. Only Holmes CC approved Personal Trainers are permitted to train in the facility.

17. Children under 17 are not allowed on the gym floor or in aerobic classes.

18. Nudity is not permitted in the facility.

19. There is no loitering allowed on the premises.

20. Participation is at your own risk.