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Rules & Regulations

There are seven dormitories on campus providing space for 300 male students and 264 female students. To be eligible for campus housing, students must be enrolled in a minimum of 15 semester hours and must maintain a minimum 1.75 GPA. Students who drop to 12-14 semester hours during the semester will be placed on housing probation, and students who drop to below 12 hours during the semester will be dismissed from the dormitory. Students who fall below a 1.75 GPA for a completed semester will be placed on housing probation for the next semester. Students must then earn a minimum 1.75 GPA for the probationary semester in order to remain in the dormitory.

Dormitory rooms are generally filled before the end of summer. Two students are assigned to each room; however, three students per room will be assigned on a temporary basis when the need arises. Rooms which have been reserved will be held until 2:00 p.m. the afternoon prior to the beginning of classes.

Check In: To check in, students should report to the Student Housing Office in the Lorance Student Center to pick up their room key and dorm ID on the dates and times determined by the college. Students are then required to complete and turn in the Key/Damage Deposit Policy Form to the Director of Student Housing. If a student does not turn in this form, he or she may be liable for damages to the room that existed before they moved in. This is a pre-damage inventory sheet for the student to report damages for which he or she is not responsible. Failure to turn this form in will forfeit the student’s right to challenge any decision made by the Director of Student Housing to charge the student for damages not reported.

Check Out: To check out, a student is required to move out all belongings, clean rooms thoroughly, have an on-duty Dormitory Security Officer complete a dormitory withdrawal form, and turn in the key and ID to that particular individual or take the form with key and ID to the Student Housing Office after the officer checks the room and signs the required form.

Lost Keys: The Director of Student Housing should be contacted immediately when a room key has been lost so that it can be replaced. See the Director of Student Housing for replacement of key. The student will be charged $50 for a new key. If a student returns a broken key to the Director of Student Housing, a new one will be issued to him or her at no additional cost. For those students using HCC ID cards as keys, the charge will be $25 to replace a lost one.

College Property: Students are responsible for college property. Any damages in a student’s room will be charged to the occupants of that room unless those students completed and turned in a Key/Damage Deposit Policy form reporting that the damage existed in the room before they moved in. Common area (lounges, restrooms, vending, laundry, hallway, or suites) damages may be assessed to the students living in that area unless the party responsible can be identified.

Residence Hall Hours: All residence halls open at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon and close at 2:00 p.m. on Friday afternoon. At the end of a semester or the beginning of a holiday, students are expected to vacate dormitory rooms as soon as their classes and/or exams are
completed. Residence halls are closed on weekends except to out of state athletes on scholarship. Quiet hours shall begin at 12 a.m. and continue until 8:00 a.m. the next day. Reasonable quietness is expected at all times. During this period, students should be able to study in their rooms without loud noise or disturbances. Loud stereos, televisions, yelling, etc. will not be tolerated.

Weekend Stay: Generally, only out-of-state or out-of-district athletes are granted permission to stay on weekends. Other than this group, the only other students who may stay on weekends with permission are those who are involved in a school activity (athletic competition, choir, band, cheerleading, etc.).

Room Inspection: Residence hall rooms are subject to inspections by appropriate college officials. During the room inspections, the rooms will be checked for room damages and unsanitary conditions. Students may be subject to a $25 fine for failing room inspection.
Students are responsible for cleaning their rooms, bathrooms, and common areas (common areas only include the hallways in Attala Hall suites). Safety checks may be made from time to time as well.

Residence Hall Furnishings and Care: Rooms are furnished with single beds, dressers, chairs, and desks. Each student is expected to furnish linens, and toilet items, including tissue, and is accountable for the care of the room and its furnishing. Students are not allowed to move any furniture or equipment from their rooms supplied by the college. Missing furniture or other items from rooms provided by the college or damage to them will result in a $25 fine or higher plus the cost of the items to the occupants of that room. Rooms are to be kept clean and in order at all times. Garbage is to be swept up in rooms and/or hallways and thrown into the trash cans or garbage shoots provided. Trash should be put into garbage bags first if possible before disposal for sanitary reasons. Students are responsible for their individual rooms, including furniture and everything else in the rooms furnished by the college. The room’s occupants will pay for any damages found in a room. All dormitory rooms will be checked for damages to the mattresses, beds, floors, walls, windows, ceilings, doors, furniture, lights, bathroom, etc. All residents will pay for damages to common areas outside of dormitory rooms from housing deposits. Residence hall rooms remain the responsibility of the student until they have completed a dormitory check-out form and turned in their key and ID card to the on-duty Dormitory Security Officer or Director of Student Housing. Sales and Solicitations are prohibited in the residence halls.

Personal Property: The College is not responsible for loss or damage of any and all personal items or valuables irrespective of cause. Students should consider purchasing renter’s insurance to cover their personal belongings.

Visitors during School Hours: Same-sex visiting by students is allowed until 12:00 a.m. Between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., no visiting in dormitory rooms is allowed, meaning that dormitory residents must be in their own rooms. Visitors after school hours must leave by 12:00 a.m. when all lobbies close. Immediate family members, with permission, may assist students in moving in or out of the residence halls. Male students are not allowed in any female dormitories. No females are allowed in any male dorm lobby at any time.

Dismissal from Dormitory: A student may be dismissed from a dormitory for academic or disciplinary reasons that may include cutting below twelve (12) hours in a class schedule, failing to have a 1.75 GPA for two semesters, pulling a fire alarm, etc. The consequences for such
actions are dismissal and removal from the dormitory with loss of all dormitory privileges. When this occurs, a student is not allowed in any residence hall on campus as a visitor or otherwise. That student must leave the campus after his/her last class each day and must not be found on campus after 4:00 p.m. Students found in violation of this rule will face trespassing charges on school grounds and possible dismissal from school at the discretion of the Director of the Goodman Campus.

Internet and Cable: Wireless internet and cable will be provided in all dorm rooms.

Search of a Student’s Room: Holmes Community College is firmly committed to the principles of complete respect for the constitutional and human rights of all students. At the same time, as has been confirmed in many court cases, the institution has the authority to enforce reasonable Rules of Conduct and to search housing facilities as needed and at times without notice to provide for a safe and healthy environment. It is the policy of Holmes Community College that police searches of a student’s room may not be conducted unless reasonable suspicion exists that violations of college regulations or state or federal law are occurring or have occurred.

Closure for Breaks: Several times during the year it will be necessary to close all residence halls completely. They are Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, and spring break.

Dormitory Regulations

  1. Occupants of dormitory rooms are responsible for everything in the room and the room itself. Total damages to halls and areas not considered a part of a room will be assessed and charged to occupants of the dormitory. First offense will result in a warning or possible dismissal from the dormitory and payment of damages. Second offense will result in dismissal from dormitory and payment of damages.
  2. The following are not allowed in dormitories or rooms: gambling, weight lifting equipment, pets, candles, incense, carpet, bicycles, motorcycles, or weapons (guns, knives, bow and arrow, etc.). Sound equipment (amps, speakers, etc.) is not allowed in dormitory rooms.
  3. With limited exceptions, every electrical appliance must have a ground. Outlet adaptation for multiple uses of electrical outlets may not be used. (If you have any questions, please check with dorm supervisor.)
  4. Students may bring irons, radios, televisions, coffeepots, and refrigerators (not to exceed 4.0 cubic feet or 4.5 amps). The only cooking appliance allowed in your room is a microwave oven.
  5. Pictures, wall hangings, or additional furniture cannot be placed in a room without express written consent from the Director of Student Housing. Any damages resulting from this practice will be assessed to the students. HCC reserves the right to require removal of anything posted in a room. Obscene pictures will not be allowed.
  6. Failure to keep your room clean will result in a fine after one warning. No trash is to be swept into halls; it must be picked up in your room.
  7. Men are not allowed in the women’s dormitories. Persons violating this regulation may be fined up to $200 and may lose housing privileges.
  8. Women are not allowed in the men’s dormitories. Persons violating this regulation may be fined up to $200 and may lose housing privileges.
  9. Male students are not allowed in the parking area behind Yazoo Hall.
  10. No sexual activity is allowed in the residence halls.
  11. No horseplay (running, playing ball, etc.) is allowed at any time in the dormitories, including the hallways.
  12. Students are not allowed at the windows or doors of dormitories of the opposite sex.
  13. After dark the blinds in all dormitory rooms must be closed.
  14. Lobby furniture found in rooms will result in a fine.
  15. There will be a $25.00 fine for unauthorized moves of persons or furniture from or between dormitory rooms. The second unauthorized move will result in dismissal from the dormitory. (Room change may be permitted only after being processed through the office of the Director of Student Housing.)
  16. In the absence of a fire, pulling a fire alarm will result in removal from the dormitory or from school.
  17. No smoking is allowed in residence halls or on campus.
  18. Use of alcohol, possession of alcohol, or being under the influence of alcohol is absolutely prohibited. No alcoholic beverage bottles, empty or full, can be kept anywhere on campus. First offenders are generally fined $200 and may be removed from the dormitory or dismissed from school if the incident involves additional charges. Commuting students may have their access to the campus limited in lieu of dormitory removal. Any student violating the rules and regulations is subject to being suspended from college. There will be a mandatory dormitory meeting after school begins where you will be given specific rules and regulations pertaining to your dormitory.

Revised: 7/21/21