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Practical Nursing Philosophy

The Holmes Community College Practical Nursing Program philosophy reflects the Holmes Community College statements of purpose and desire to provide interactive education and cultural opportunities to its students. The practical nursing faculty is dedicated to educating students in entry level skills to benefit the society and community in which they live by promoting the health and well being of all individuals. Fundamental to the philosophy are the faculty’s beliefs about humankind, health, practical nursing, education, and community service.

Humankind, the focus of nursing, is seen both as an individual and as a group. A human is a complex being with unique life experiences and diverse values, beliefs, and traditions that are derived from cultural and social experiences.

Health is the state of an individual within the environment. Well-being is the optimal state of health and is individually defined. Health includes all aspects of humankind: physical, psychological, social, and spiritual.

Practical Nursing is an art and an applied science based on a holistic nurse-client relationship.   Practical Nursing is an occupation that assists clients to attain, maintain, and regain optimal health. Practical Nursing provides care throughout the life cycle from conception to death.

Education is the impetus through which knowledge is gained. The Practical Nursing program provides access to affordable education and opportunity to improve the quality of life of the individual and community. State of health has the potential to affect the individual, the family, and the community. Therefore, Practical Nursing education focuses on both health promotion and disease treatment.

Inherent to the ideals of holistic nursing is the service to the individual and community. Practical Nursing invokes a passion to serve the community as a whole.