Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Guidelines, College Policy & Procedures

List of the Dual Credit courses

PDF State Academic Dual Credit Enrollment Articulation Agreement    

Memorandum of Understanding

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be signed by the School District Superintendent/Headmaster and the President of Holmes Community College when Dual Credit courses are taken. 

Word Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Student Role & Responsibilities

The student who is currently enrolled in high school may also enroll in Holmes Community College Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit courses if the following requirements are met:

  1. The student must have earned 14 core high school units such as English, mathematics, science, social science, or foreign language and/or have a high school junior status, or the student must have scored a minimum composite ACT score of 30 or the equivalent SAT score.
  2. The student must have an overall "B" average on all high school courses. Prerequisites and co-requisites as stipulated in the Holmes Community College Bulletin will be followed.
  3. The student shall request that the high school principal send an official copy of his/her high school transcript to the Admissions and Records Office at Holmes Community College at least 10 days before the beginning of the enrollment period. 
  4. The principal or counselor of the high school must submit an unconditional recommendation supporting the student's enrollment in the program.  The unconditional recommendation should verify that the student is academically advanced and has the maturity and self-discipline required to benefit from this type of program.  This recommendation may be in the form of a list of all participating students and should be included with the high school transcripts. 
  5. The student must complete the Holmes Community College Registration and Orientation processes for enrollment.  ACT or Compass placement tests may be required for certain courses.
  6. The student or parents/legal guardians of the participating student are responsible for the tuition charges and other costs for the college course unless these costs are covered by grants, scholarships, or the school district.  Regardless of the source of payment, all levied charges and fees must be paid directly to Holmes Community College.  The student's final grades will not be released to the high school until all student debts are paid in full.  Tuition charges for the student participating in this program will be reviewed annually and, if changes are made, notice will be given to the high school before courses begin. 
  7. The student is responsible for the cost and acquisition of textbooks.
  8. The student must follow the Attendance/Absence/Withdrawal policies of the Holmes Community College Bulletin. A student who wants to drop a college course must complete the "Withdrawal Request Form" accessible through MyHolmes.

Instructor Role & Responsibilities
The instructor must be approved by, and will be mentored by, Holmes Community College, and must meet the following standards and requirements:

  1. The instructor must meet the criteria for the Commissions on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) regarding the credentials for the instructor. 
  2. The instructor shall be required to maintain one (1) hour office period each week per every three (3) hour credit course.
  3. The instructor must attend a required training course and other Holmes Community College directed meetings as necessary. 
  4. The instructor must submit all required absences, grades, etc. to Holmes Community College.

Holmes Community College Role & Responsibilities
Holmes Community College will be responsible for monitoring the quality of instruction to assure compliance with this Agreement and all applicable standards.

  1. Holmes Community College shall be responsible for procuring sufficient qualified instructors to teach the College's Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit courses.
  2. Holmes Community College shall select, supervise, and evaluate instructors who teach Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit courses.  Evaluation will be conducted through various methods such as student evaluation surveys, observation, etc.
  3. Holmes Community College will maintain official transcripts of all instructors and other criteria used to determine the qualifications of each instructor. 
  4. Upon completion of each course, the appropriate credit will be granted on the student's Holmes Community College transcript, but will be reserved until the student graduates from high school and submits a final high school transcript showing graduation or submits an official GED transcript from an official testing center or GED state office.
  5. All regular academic policies applicable to courses taught at Holmes Community College shall also apply to Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit courses, except that Holmes Community College's policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress shall not apply to Program students until/unless they matriculate to Holmes Community College as regular full-time or part-time students.