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Dual Enrollment / Dual Credit Homeschool Students

Home school transcripts may be developed by the parent OR by a third-party home school transcript agency. At a minimum, home school transcripts should:

  • List the school name and address.
  • List student’s full name and identifier(s) (date of birth, social security number, etc.).
  • List all courses taken and dates completed. At a minimum, all 4 years of high school must be included, even if the student attended a different secondary school previously.
  • Have a cumulative GPA calculated on a 4 point scale.
  • Be signed and dated by the “School Principal”
  • Home school transcripts must be notarized on the transcript (on the same page with signatures and courses listed) if grades are conferred by a parent. In cases where a third party home school association or organization validates and confers an official transcript, that official transcript is not required to be notarized.
  • Each student seeking admission to the program must have an unconditional letter of recommendation submitted by the counselor or principal. This letter is available from the office of the District Coordinator of Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit, and must be signed by the school administrator, the student, and the student’s parent/guardian.

For more information, contact the District Coordinator of Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit or the Admissions Office of Holmes Community College.