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Development Foundation Boards

The Holmes Development Foundation stewards your donations well, utilizing their 18-member Board of Directors, as well as the Foundation Board of Governors. Development directives are thoughtfully considered with representation from the nine counties served by the college. We always encourage alumni and friends of the college to come back and serve the institution. If you are interested in serving on our Foundation Board of Governors or Board of Directors, please contact Dr. Lindy McCain at (662) 472-9067.



Jesse Leverette, President
Dr. Brady Richardson, Vice President
Wirt Hayes, Treasurer
Doris Belk, Secretary
Joe Adams
Johnny Adams
Dr. Lynn Wright
Eugenia Collins

Wilton Neal
Rev. Gene Richardson
Robby Robertson
Austin Taylor
Ben Tharp
John Wallace
Jack Holmes


Dr. Jim Haffey, College President
Dr. Lindy McCain, Executive Director
Walter Alford, Board of Trustees President
Jacob Black, Alumni Affairs President
Sonny Sparks, Vice President for Financial Services

Dr. Don Burnham, Vice President of Ridgeland Campus
Michelle Burney, Vice President of Grenada Campus
Brittni Dickerson, Assistant Secretary & Treasurer
Katherine Ellard, Coordinator of Alumni Affairs/Public Relations Specialist

Audit Committee

Wirt Hayes
Fred Ray
Robby Robertson

Nominating Committee

Jack Holmes, Chair
Wilton Neal
Dr. Brady Richardson

Investment Committee

Doris Belk
Jesse Leverette
Wirt Hayes
Dale McBride, Chair
John Wallace


Attala County

Johnny Belk
Doris Belk
Wirt Hayes
Rev. Gene Richardson
Dr. Brady Richardson
Robby Robertson
Frank Shaw Jr.
Austin Taylor
Carolyn Thomas

Carroll County

Wilton Neal
Josephine Neil-Browning

Choctaw County

William Strawbridge
Ben Tharp

Grenada County

Paul McCarley

Holmes County

Maggie Garret
Dale McBride
Dr. Lynn & Elton Wright

Madison County

Betty Sue & Joe Adams
Danny Chandler
Jesse Leverette
Jacob Black
John Wallace
Tommy Worthey

Montgomery County

Eugenia Collins
Margaret Harris

Webster County

Hugh Gibson
Jan & Chuck Putnam

Yazoo County

Jim Golden

Out of District

Clytice R. Gardner – Rankin County
Dr. Sam Massey – Rankin County
Jack McDaniel – Hinds County
Dr. J.L. Peeples – Oktibbeha County
Fred & Martha Ray – Hinds County