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Calhoun County Tuition Assistance Grant

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CCTAG Application

The Calhoun County Tuition Assistance Grant Program (CCTAGP) will pay for four consecutive semesters of higher education at Holmes Community College.  Through the tuition assistance program, applicants may pursue any degree or certificate program offered at Holmes Community College.  There will be no income requirement on the grant being offered.  Non-tuition related expenses such as supplies, books and room and board are not covered by the tuition assistance program.

High school equivalency certificate recipients from Calhoun County are also eligible.  Proof of residency may be required.  Your participation in this program is contingent upon the availability of program funds.  Award amounts are subject to change.

The CCTAGP amount generally is a possible maximum of the current cost of tuition per semester. Maximum award amounts are determined by Three Rivers Planning and Development District and the Calhoun County Board of Supervisors. Any other Federal, state and scholarship aid awarded will apply first, and if the balance from these sources does not exceed the maximum amount allowed, the CCTAGP will fill the unmet gap. 

To complete your CCTAGP application:

  • Must be a resident of Calhoun County (proof may be required). 
  • Must take the National ACT. Register at
  • Must apply for the Mississippi Tuition Assistance Grant (MTAG) at by September 15.
  • Must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at
  • Must begin enrollment at Holmes Community College for the semester immediately after graduating from high school or earning the GED unless entering the military upon leaving high school as a full-time student (at least 15 academic hours for all semesters). December graduates are eligible to begin in the spring semester or the fall semester immediately following graduation.
  • Must complete and submit CCTAGP Application by September 15 for the fall semester and February 15 for the spring semester.

Once your CCTAGP application is complete, your award will be determined based on other aid received.

Be aware of the following:

  • Applicants whose awards DO NOT exceed the maximum award amount allowed per semester will then be awarded CCTAGP funds to cover the difference. 
  • MPACT, Work Study, most G.I. Bill benefits and student loans are not included in the award calculation.
  • CCTAGP is available for four consecutive regular semesters (summer school is not included in this program).
  • To continue to receive assistance under the CCTAGP, those eligible must pass a minimum of 15 hours each semester with a 2.0 GPA (Repeated courses previously passed — D or higher — will not count.).
  • Once eligibility is lost, it cannot be regained. Requirements are subject to change without advanced notice.