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EMS-Paramedic Application and Admission Process

Applicants must first complete an admission application to Holmes Community College and be fully admitted. To be considered for acceptance into the Emergency Medical Sciences program, a student must complete the following steps:

  1. Be fully admitted to Holmes Community College. See ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS in Holmes bulletin or on Admissions webpage.
  2. Must be at least 18 years old or be a Dual Enrollment student (MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE TO TAKE NATIONAL REGISTRY EXAM).
  3. Must be a high school graduate or GED equivalent or be a dual enrollment student.
  4. Provide official transcripts from all schools and/or colleges attended to the Office of Admissions & Records. Applicants with any college credit must have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 on prerequisite courses completed to be considered for the program, if applicable.
  5. Additional program requirements are listed for Advanced EMT, Paramedic and Critical Care Paramedic

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician: 

• Must have a current National Registry EMT certification in good standing.

• Must have or be able to obtain a current Mississippi EMT certification.

• Must have a current National Registry EMT or AEMT certification in good standing.


• Must have a current National Registry EMT certification in good standing.

• Must have or be able to obtain a current Mississippi EMT or AEMT certification.

• Must have completed 4 of the required 8 semester hours of Anatomy and Physiology with lab from an accredited postsecondary school with a grade of C or better prior to enrollment; A&P II is in the curriculum for any students who have completed only A&P I prior to enrollment; A&P I and II must each be completed with a grade of C or better.

• Students enrolling in Option 2 of the Paramedic Program must successfully complete EMS 1593 Paramedic Bridge with a grade of C or better to enter the second semester of the paramedic program.

Critical Care Paramedic

• Must have current Nationally Registered Paramedic.

• Must be a current Mississippi-certified Paramedic in good standing prior to clinical.

• Must present proof of three years’ experience as a Nationally Registered Paramedic*. *Subject to Mississippi EMS: The Law, Rules, and Regulations. **Other MS-licensed healthcare professionals, such as Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses or Respiratory Therapists with a minimum of three years’ experience may, at the program director’s discretion, take the courses to improve their understanding of critical care medicine if they meet the college’s entrance requirements, provide official copies of transcripts, are in good standing at the time of clinical, and pass a drug screen and criminal background check. These participants, however, are not eligible for licensure as a Critical Care Paramedic in the State of Mississippi or to receive the Critical Care Paramedic AAS.

After notification of acceptance to the Emergency Medical Sciences Program, the student will be required to provide documentation of the following requirements prior to the start of the program. Students will be responsible for fees or costs associated with these requirements. All information concerning the requirements below will be provided after class selection and/or during the mandatory orientation session:

1. Passage of physical examination per Health Examination Report

2. Current certification of American Heart Association Basic Life Support Certification

3. Passage of a healthcare criminal background check

4. Passage of drug screening

5. Current and complete immunization record