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OTA Admissions Policy

  1. A student planning to enter the Occupational Therapy Assistant Technology Program at Holmes Community College must complete an HCC web-based Admissions Application and complete an OTA application packet. 
  2. Applicants must have a minimum composite score of 12 on the ACT if taken prior to October 1989 or a minimum composite score of 16 if taken on or after October 1989.
  3. Applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 to be considered for selection.
  4. Completion of both Anatomy & Physiology I & II (BIO 2514/2524) with a minimum grade of C in lab and lecture portion of the courses are a pre-requisite for applying to the program.
  5. The Occupational Therapy Assistant Program admission criteria requires all applicants to complete a minimum of 8 hours of observation/volunteer in a medical or community-based health care facility under the supervision of an OT or OTA.    
     Applicants may pursue additional volunteer hours.  The Observation/Volunteer Form may be duplicated for additional settings. Occupational therapy practitioners work in a multitude of practice settings; therefore, it is suggested that observation hours be completed in a wide range of settings. A minimum of two settings with two different occupational therapy practitioners is required.     
     Requesting Volunteer/Observation Opportunities:
    a. Contact the facility by telephone, introduce yourself, and clarify the purpose of the call.
    b. Ask if volunteer hours may be completed at the facility. Then progress as indicated.
    c. Request an observation time which is convenient for the facility and employee. Clarify the exact date, time, and length of stay expected of you.
    d. Determine the exact location of the volunteer work site and thank the person prior to ending the telephone call.
  6. The student will submit two reference forms completed by an employer, teacher, or other professional. The reference forms are provided in the application packet.
  7. After acceptance in the program, OTA students must provide documentation of the following: complete physical exam, TB skin test record, initiation of Hepatitis B vaccination series or declination form, drug screen. Students must also pass a criminal background check. Students are responsible for fees associated with these requirements.
  8. Acceptance into the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program at Holmes Community College, Ridgeland Campus, is selective and competitive based on a point system comprised of ACT Score, College Credit, College Degree(s), Interview Score and Essay Score. The ACT score considered is the composite score. The College Credit for academic performance utilizes the grades earned for the following courses: Anatomy & Physiology I & II, English Composition I & II, General Psychology, Human Growth & Development, College Algebra, Public Speaking, and an academic computer course. Credit toward selection will also be awarded for college degrees earned from regionally-accredited colleges. The top applicants (based on the point system outlined above) will be required to complete an interview conducted by the admissions committee. The interview will assess:
    a. Verbal and nonverbal communication skills
    b. Knowledge of the field of Occupational Therapy
    c. Knowledge of the role of the Occupational Therapy Assistant
    d. Professional appearance
    Following the interview, applicants will be required to complete an essay for analysis of grammar, spelling and college-level writing skills. The interview and essay scores will be used to finalize the selection process.
  9. A felony conviction may impede one’s placement for fieldwork and/or eligibility for certification and credentialing.