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Alcohol and Drug Awareness

Signs and Symptoms of Drug & Alcohol Abuse

  • Abrupt changes in work or school attendance and grades.
  • Unusual outbreaks of temper.
  • Obvious mood swings.
  • Wearing sunglasses indoors or at inappropriate times (to hide bloodshot eyes and/or dilated pupils.)
  • Carrying eye drops or burning incense (to cover the odor of marijuana.)
  • Deterioration of physical appearance and/or grooming.
  • Overreaction to mild criticism.
  • Stealing items from school, home, or employer.

Physical Evidence of Marijuana Usage

  • Eye drop bottles (to cover red eyes.)
  • Incense, room deodorizers, breath fresheners.
  • Rolling papers, pipes, or “bongs” in closet.
  • Smell of a sweet odor like burned rope, in room, clothes, etc.
  • The roach (butt) from a marijuana joint.
  • Roach clips (holders for the joint.)
  • Seeds or leaves in lining or coat pockets.

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