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College Safety Tips

Personal safety

  • Avoid walking alone, especially at night. Call Campus Police ((601) 940-0089) for an escort, if necessary.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid unpopulated and poorly or unlit areas after dark.
  • If you feel you are being followed, change direction and walk towards a populated area.
  • If you are confronted, don’t panic. YELL! Use your adrenaline to your advantage.
  • If assaulted, call Campus Police as soon as possible:

Goodman Campus
(601) 940-0089

Grenada Campus
(662) 809-6845

Ridgeland Campus
(601) 605-3333

Safety around the vehicle

  • Always park in lighted areas.
  • Always lock your vehicle.
  • Look around and under your vehicle during your approach.
  • Check the front and back seats before you enter the vehicle.
  • As soon as you are safely inside, lock the door.
  • Never pick up a stranger.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.

Vehicle theft / burglary prevention

  • Record the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), license plate numbers and photo of vehicle (if available). Keep this record stored in a safe place, other than the vehicle.
  • Never leave your keys in an unattended vehicle.
  • Keep all valuables out of sight. Lock them in the trunk when possible.
  • LOCK IT! When you are in it and when you leave it.
  • When walking, stay alert and always be aware of your surroundings and the people nearby. Walk with confidence. Show that you are in control. Body language is important in discouraging aggression.
  • Trust your instincts. If something or somebody makes you uncomfortable, get away immediately.
  • Walk with a friend whenever possible. Stay clear of isolated or poorly lighted areas.
  • If you think someone is following you, abruptly change directions. If you are still being followed, go to the nearest public place and ask for help.
  • If you don’t want to walk across campus after dark, call a friend or Campus Police for a campus escort.
  • Never, ever hitchhike.

Student Responsibility

Maintaining a safe campus requires the efforts of everyone. Students are expected to:

  • Lock the doors to their rooms at all times.
  • Not prop open doors or entrances.
  • Not allow strangers to enter his/her room.
  • Call Campus Police ((601) 940-0089) for assistance when needed.
  • Walk with others at night on campus
  • Immediately report suspicious persons/activities to Campus Police.
  • Take appropriate steps to secure personal property like computer, car, jewelry, stereos, cell phones, etc.
  • Read, understand, and abide by the College and Residence Hall Rules in the HCC Student Handbook.
  • Purchase home owners or renters insurance coverage for personal belongings.
  • Provide input to the College about how the campus can be made safer.