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Registration: Ridgeland Campus

Registration for the Spring 2023 semester opens on Monday, November 7.

Registration for the Fall 2022 semester continues for Second 8-Week Term. 

To start the registration process, tap ENROLL NOW.  Students should complete the Advising Request Form to receive the Alternate PIN needed to create their class schedule.  See On-Campus Registration Location or Contact Information below if you need assistance.

Classes Begin

  • October 11, Fall Second 8-Week Term
  • January 9, Spring First 8-Week Term and Full 16-Week Term
  • March 6, Spring Second 8-Week Term

Registration Dates

  • January 5, 9 am to 6 pm

Registration Locations

  • Ridgeland Hall, Ridgeland Campus

Contact Information

Ridgeland Campus Advisors
Ridgeland Campus Bookstore
Exam Schedule