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Rules for Registering into Online Courses

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You must complete all steps.

For printable guides and videos, please see Help Guides and Videos.


Click on Enroll Now and complete all steps to talk with your advisor or counselor to make sure you are taking the correct courses. Students must satisfy all pre- or co-requisites for certain courses. (For example, English Composition II requires that you have passed English Composition I.) If you have not taken the ACT, you must take the HCC Placement_Test prior to registration. Placement tests are offered in the areas of Mathematics, English, and Reading. Click HERE to learn more about prerequisites and co-requisites. Online Registration requires you to contact your advisor through Enroll Now to receive your Alternate Pin Number.

Maximum Number of Hours

As indicated in the Holmes catalog, a student cannot register for more than 21 total hours per term. If you request online courses that will put you over a TOTAL (the sum of your day, evening, and online courses) of 21 hours, your entire online registration will be denied. Online courses take more time than traditional courses, not less. In the Summer Session, students can only take a total of 18 hours.

Registering for Classes

Go to Enroll Now to make sure your status is Complete. You must log in to MyHolmes to register for online classes.Once you are in MyHolmes, click on the Academics/Career-Technical icon. Follow the directions in the Registration portlet. Be sure to pick Advanced Search with Online as your Campus. It is the student's responsibility to confirm his/her registration. This process usually takes 24 hours but could take up to three (3) business days

Add / Drop

You may Add/Drop through "MyHolmes" during the Add/Drop Period.

Withdrawing from Class

(*READ!) Procedures for withdrawing from an online course before the 75% mark: Holmes students must log into "MyHolmes" and complete the Withdrawal Request Form. Do not log back into that course in Canvas.


Click HERE for a list and explanation of fees.


It is important that you order your textbooks well in advance. It could take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks to receive your books. For more information about purchasing textbooks, visit one of our Bookstores.

Student Support and Academic Support Services

Student Support and Academic Support Services are offered to all Holmes Community College students.

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