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What textbook(s) do I need?

  • Most of our online courses use pre-loaded eBooks.
    • If your course uses an eBook, you will have instant access to the eBook once your class begins.
    • You will not need any special software or devices.
    • The cost of the eBook will be added to your MyHolmes student account.
    • This is a non-refundable fee after the first day of class.
  • For MSVCC Hosted Online Courses: (which are any courses that end with: “OOH”, “OOA”, “OOB”)
    • Access your MSVCC Hosted Course Profile to obtain your textbook information.
    • The MSVCC Hosted Course Profile shows the online hosted courses you are currently enrolled in and the eBook, textbook, and/or materials that will be needed for the course
  • View the Holmes Textbook Information Guide for more information.

To purchase a textbook: 

  • If your courses requires a textbook, follow the instructions in the Holmes Textbook Information Guide.
  • If your course is a MSVCC Hosted Course, email a copy of the MSVCC Hosted Course Profile to the Bookstore
  • It is important to buy and/or order textbooks and materials early (before class starts) and always keep your receipt.
  • Ordering your textbooks from the Holmes Bookstore is the only way that any financial aid can be used to purchase textbooks.
  • If you are a Pell recipient you do not have to wait to order your books, but you will need your book voucher to pick-up books. It may take from 3 days to 3 weeks to get a textbook.
  • For additional information about the Holmes Bookstore, please click the following link: Bookstore