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Sports Hall of Fame

Over the years, Holmes Community College has seen some fantastic athletes come through its doors. Many of those have gone on to compete at four-year schools and some even professionally.

The Alumni Association honors many of these male and female athletes during Homecoming Activities each year. The Holmes Community College Sports Hall of Fame has been organized to recognize former coaches and athletes who made major contributions to intercollegiate athletics while attending Holmes Community College.

If you would like to nominate someone for the Holmes Community College Sports Hall of Fame, please fill out the Sports Hall of Fame Nomination Form.


The Mississippi Community and Junior College Sports Hall of Fame will recognize Holmes Community College alum, Alvin McKinley for his football career accomplishments. McKinley will represent Holmes Community College athletics at the induction ceremony at the Muse Center in Pearl on April 27.
Alvin McKinley, Football


  • Ronald Jay Aldy, Women’s Basketball
  • Wilson Browning, Baseball
  • Keith Lennell Gray, Basketball
  • Lewis Quinby Morgan, Coach/AD
  • Michael Jacob Newton, Soccer


  • Sheila Sullivan Hickman, Women’s Basketball Coach
  • Tony Stanford, Football
  • Greg Holloway, Soccer
  • Robert Gates, Football
  • Richard Akins, Football


  • Ashley Howard, Women’s Basketball
  • Bill Bailey, Men’s Basketball
  • Jacob Peeler, Football
  • Terrance Sykes, Football
  • Jason Russell, Baseball


  • Austin Taylor, Baseball
  • Charles McCluskey, Football/Baseball
  • Derek Starling, Sr., Men’s Basketball
  • Elizabeth Mosby Ellis, Women’s Basketball
  • Todd Kimble, Men’s Basketball Coach
  • Phillip Sistrunk, Men’s Soccer


  • Angela Bounds- Stevenson, Women’s Basketball
  • Shaston Coleman, Football
  • Michael Ellis, Football and Baseball
  • Clarence Harmon, Jr., Baseball, Track and Football
  • William Farris Jenkins, Baseball
  • Don Wynne, Basketball


  • Michael Avalon, Baseball
  • Tim Bell, Football
  • Claude Gunter, Tennis
  • Jerrelyn Redmond Jackson, Women’s Basketball
  • Cadman Porter, Football
  • Randy Shields, Tennis
  • Hugh Shurden, Football Coach and Administrator
  • Stephen Waggener, Baseball


  • Chris Avery, Football
  • Laura Coleman Canard, Basketball
  • Richard Chisolm, Football
  • Sherwood Colette, Baseball
  • Terry Day, Football
  • Michael Jones, Baseball
  • W.A. Miles, Basketball Coach
  • Clint Tompkins, Football


  • Roy Oswalt, Baseball
  • Randy Martin, Football and Baseball
  • Chris White, Football
  • Candice Edwards Parish, Basketball and Softball
  • Xan Barksdale, Baseball
  • Duane Starks, Football
  • Walter Jones, Football
  • Bradly S. MacNealy, Football and Baseball


  • Robert Lynn Rose, Basketball
  • Ricky Joe Black, Football
  • Marvin D. Taylor, Basketball
  • Reginald “Reggie” Tiller, Football


  • A.J. Kilpatrick, Football Coach
  • Alvin McKinley, Football
  • Don Phillips, Baseball and Basketball
  • Lance Pogue, Football
  • David Springer, Track and Basketball 


  • Ras Branch, Coach, President
  • Ray Clower, Football
  • Tommy Guthrie, Football
  • Tonya Dawson Sims, Women’s Basketball


  • Milton Griffin, Men’s Basketball
  • Frank Branch, Coach, President
  • Dick Johnson, Men’s Basketball and Baseball
  • Walter Van Allen, Football and Track


  • Bobby “Monkey” Grantham, Football and Track
  • Artie Hendricks, Football
  • Vicki Phillips Dyer Minninger, Women’s Basketball
  • Franks Shaw, Football and Track


Bennie Kimble, Men’s Basketball
Monty Perry, Football
Kenny Taylor, Football
Roy “Luke” Terry, Football


Hank James, Football and Track
Sonny Smith, Men’s Basketball
Jerry Stewart, Football
Robert Wright, Football and Baseball


Charles “Foozy” Dyer, Basketball
Bette Smith Edwards, Women’s Basketball
Greg Robinson, Football
Alan Wallace, Football


Ricky Casey, Basketball
Kim Wingard Fuller, Women’s Basketball
Bobby Pirkle, Football
Woody Simpson, Track


Randy Baldwin, Football
Billy Bell, Football
Charlie Grant, Basketball
Retha Greer, Women’s Basketball


Robert Alexander, Football
Larry Therrell, Football and Baseball
Elton Wright, Track
James “Red” Free, Men’s Basketball
John Pratt,  Football


Billy Bowman, Football
Kathleen Bingham Buckley, Women’s Basketball and Tennis
Luther Kuykendall, Football, Baseball and Track
Johnny Plummer,  Basketball, Baseball and Football


Robert Felton, 
1950 State Championship Team Football

Joe Lynn Gant, Football and Track
Howard Guthrie, Men’s Basketball
Charlotte McQuary, Football and Track
Joe Silverii, Football


Wayne Leonard, Football
Ken Herring, Football
Dr. Bobby Bell, Track and Football
James W. Busby, Basketball
Geraldine Manning, Basketball


Edna Earl Edwards, Basketball
Frank Horn, Football and Baseball
David R. Oakes, Jr., Football and Baseball
Tommy Worthey, Track and Basketball


  • James E. Adams, Basketball
  • Jesse J. Atkins, Football
  • Dale Brasher, Football and Baseball
  • Homer Robertson, Football
  • Geneva B. Free, Basketball


  • Allen Abels, Football
  • Carlton Abels, Football
  • Cephus Abels, Football
  • John Ables, Football
  • Robert Brown, Football and Baseball
  • Melvin McFarland, Basketball
  • Rebecca K. Oswalt, Basketball
  • Aubrey Rozzell, Football and Baseball


  • Bill Bigby, Basketball
  • Paul Haynes, Football and Basketball
  • James E. Pannell, Football, Baseball and Basketball
  • Russell E. Reid. Football, Baseball, Basketball and Track
  • Mattye Collins Ruth, Basketball
  • Bill Taylor, Football


  • Donald Berry, Basketball
  • Ode Burrell, Football
  • Charlie Howard, Basketball
  • Mike Kinnison, Basketball
  • Wayne Sims, Football


  • Jeff Campbell, Football
  • Millard Davis, Basketball
  • Faye Graham Dillard, Basketball
  • Mel Gibson, Basketball
  • Earl “Dixie” Howell, Football
  • Thomas E. Nix, Football
  • Hugh Pepper, Baseball
  • Pattye Burton Wood, Basketball

Mississippi Community/Junior College Sports Hall of Fame

  • 2019 Sonny Smith
  • 2018 Wayne Leonard
  • 2017 Roy Oswalt
  • 2016 Mike Kinnison
  • 2015 Aubrey Rozzell
  • 2014 Ricky Black
  • 2013 Bennie Kimble
  • 2012 Dr. Donald E. Phillips
  • 2011 Faye Graham Dillard
  • 2010 Greg Robinson
  • 2009 Homer “Cotton” Robertson
  • 2008 Larry Therrell, Melvin Gibson
  • 2007 Ode Burrell, Hugh Pepper, Charlie Howard