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Holmes Complete 2 Compete (C2C)

No Place Like Holmes!

If you would like to return to college after some time off as an adult learner (21 years of age or older), Holmes Community College wants to help you prepare for your new career, skill and/or complete your degree. Holmes offers a wide range of two-year associate degree programs, certificate programs, and occupational skills training, where you will experience a high-quality education at an affordable price and close to home. Holmes provides flexible scheduling including day, evening, short-term, hybrid and online classes along with various support services.

Residency Requirement:  In order to receive the Associate of Arts Degree, 25% of the degree requirements must be earned through Holmes and must exclude PreCore, Technical or Career courses or courses previously passed at another institution. Credit awarded for CLEP, AP, correspondence courses, or military service will not count toward meeting the residency requirements.

C2C Grant Eligibility

C2C Grants are last-dollar scholarships and past due balance scholarships that are available to Mississippi adults who want to return to a Mississippi community/junior college or public university to complete their first postsecondary credential of value, whether it be a technical certificate, an associate degree, or a baccalaureate degree. Due to the sources of funds available, it is necessary to review eligibility criteria* for the tuition assistance grants as soon as possible. 

*Disclaimer: All approvals and denials of any MS C2C grant award is overseen by the office of the MS C2C Project Coordinator and not that of Holmes Community College, including Holmes C2C coaches, coordinator, or institutional leader.

Be sure to visit Mississippi C2C for further understanding of this state-wide initiative to determine C2C scholarship availability!

Get Enrolled at Holmes Today

Complete the following steps to be eligible for attending Holmes Community College:

  1. File an application for admission.
  2. Submit an official transcript from high school or other college(s) previously attended apart from Holmes Community College. To be eligible for any scholarships, including federal, state, and C2C grant, all college transcripts must be submitted.
  3. Complete your Financial Aid application ( and your State Aid application.
  4. Check myHolmes student portal for all Holmes communications (email, announcements, RAVE Mobile Alerts enrollment, etc.) and general student information.
  5. Recheck your college enrollment status to be sure you have completed all required steps and contact your advisor through Enroll Now to select your classes to start the semester.

To cultivate your path to success, Holmes also has C2C Coaches to assist in guiding you in the right direction to answer your questions.

Check out the following resource links for additional information and explore the many options available to you at Holmes Community College!



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