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PTA Requirements

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The Holmes Community College Physical Therapist Assistant program in Grenada will accept one class per year in the spring semester on a competitive, selective basis.

The applicant must first meet the same general admission requirements as those required for all applicants to Holmes Community College.  Prior to actually applying for the Physical Therapist Assistant program, a student must meet the following admissions requirements:

  • Submit a completed application for admission to Holmes Community College
  • Have official verification of a minimum ACT score of 12 if taken before October 1989 or 16 if taken on or after October 1989 on file with Admissions and Records at Holmes Community College.
  • Once the student meets the above requirements, he/she should follow the instructions on the web for accessing and completing the PTA application.  Requirements for applying to the PTA program that must be met by the posted deadline are the following:
    • Complete the PTA application available February 1 via the MyHolmes student portal for the next January class.
    • Provide official documentation of a high school diploma or a GED certificate to the Holmes Office of Admissions & Records.
    • Provide official transcripts from all schools and/or colleges attended to the Holmes Office of Admissions & Records

Please note that although college credit is not required for application to the program, applicants with any college credit must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 to be considered for the program

When a student successfully submits a PTA application prior to the posted deadline, he/she will be able to download information concerning additional requirements that must be met by the next deadline. After the deadline for the submittal of additional requirements has passed, applicants with the strongest applications (as based on the standardized evaluation tool) will be scheduled for face-to-face interviews. Following the interviews, the class will be selected.

After notification of class acceptance, the student will be required to provide documentation of the following prior to the start of the program:

  1. passage of a physical examination per Health Examination Report (form to be provided by instructor)*
  2. current certification of CPR Healthcare Provider C*
  3. passage of healthcare criminal background check*
  4. passage of a drug screening*
  5. current and complete immunization record*
  6. receipt and understanding of the minimum technical standards for PTA
  7. receipt and understanding of the standards for programs progression and graduation, attendance, etc. as detailed in the student handbook.

*The student will be responsible for the fees and costs associated with these requirements. Information concerning these requirements will be provided after class selection and/or during the mandatory orientation session.  The student handbook will be provided during the mandatory orientation session.

Please note that because a criminal conviction may prohibit a student from participating in clinicals and/or taking the required national licensure exam after graduation to practice as a PTA, a felony conviction or disqualifying event on the background check arranged by the PTA staff will likely disqualify the applicant from gaining program entry.