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Public Safety/Social & Behavioral Science Pathway

Is Law & Order your favorite show? You’re in the right place. Understanding HOW and WHY people commit crimes takes special knowledge and skills. Apprehending and representing those who break laws also requires the right experience and training. Learn all these and more in our Public Safety Pathways.

Students choosing the Public Safety pathway will learn the essential components of the criminal justice system to include law enforcement, courts, corrections and the juvenile justice system.  Students will be offered extensive practical and professional knowledge that expounds upon crime, criminals, the criminal justice system and society’s ability to control crime and delinquency. Careers in this pathway include: Law Enforcement Officers, State Troopers, Correctional Officers, Parole/Probation Officers, Forensic Science Technicians, Game/Fish Wardens, Crime Scene Investigators, Federal Agents.


Students choosing the Social and Behavioral Science pathway will gain a core understanding of human behavior and relationships, social and cultural practices throughout the world, and the complexities of human development. Careers in this pathway include: Psychologists / Counselors / Therapists, Social Workers, Sociologists, Researchers, Educators, and many more.

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Public Safety Pathway Programs

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Public Safety Pathway Programs

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