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Education Pathway

Did you ever grow up thinking that you wanted to be just like that favorite teacher, coach, or principal? If so, then the Education pathway may be for you. For those considering a career in teaching, there are some excellent benefits such as: variety in a work day, life-long learning, making a difference in the lives of young people, working all over the world, and you will have way more than just a JOB. The Education pathway includes occupations that lead or assist in the delivery of instructional materials or lessons in classrooms, from preschool until high school. Regardless of the chosen path, the Education pathway will prepare the individual to be knowledgeable in his/her subject, inspire trust and confidence, motivate learners, as well as understand his/her students’ educational and emotional needs. This field has many potential job opportunities. Possible careers include elementary teacher, secondary education teacher in many different subject areas, athletic coach, adult education instructor, preschool teacher, child care worker, and day care administrator. Even if some interested in working with children do not wish to work in a traditional classroom, there are other paths within this pathway to explore those options.