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Arts/Humanities/Language Pathway

For the students who desire to ponder the world around them, the Arts, Humanities, and Language pathway offers several options to foster the creative expression of ideas and strengthen critical-analytical thinking skills. Within this pathway, students will develop a personal sense of empathy, a crucial skill needed to successfully serve others in the workforce and community.

In the Art/Music pathway, a student chooses a focus in one of the following areas: Visual Arts, Music, or Entertainment Industries where he/she would foster creativity.  A Visual Arts emphasis could lead to careers in animation, illustration, art education, studio art, digital art, art director/curator, and design. An emphasis in Music would enable a student to pursue a career in music education and performance for instrumentals and/or voice. Studying Entertainment Industries often advances to careers in audio/visual technology, audio engineering, recording production, songwriting, music business management and performance.


Students pursuing further study in this pathway would choose an emphasis in either History or Political Science to broaden their viewpoints of different cultures, civilizations, and political systems from their foundations to today. Suitable careers for students who pursue the Humanities pathway include history/government teaching, law, research, anthropology, geography, archiving, library work, and politics.


A focus on the Language pathway, whether through literary study; foreign language fluency; or public communication, can establish a solid background for students preparing to go into careers such as language teaching, sales, marketing, public relations, editing, publishing, news reporting, mass communication, communicative disorders, linguistics, and translating. Similar to the Humanities pathway, a Language pathway can also lead to careers in law, research, library work, and politics.