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Conservation Law Enforcement Technology

Holmes Community College is the only college in Mississippi to offer the Conservation Law Enforcement Technology degree option. This two-year program prepares graduates for an entry-level employment as a Conservation Law Enforcement officer (game warden) and meets the requirements set by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks. The program blends technical courses in forestry and criminal justice with other academic courses. The Associate of Applied Science degree is earned upon successful completion of the program.

Jobs / Wages – Conservation Law Enforcement Technology

Mississippi Conservation Officer (I) – $31.993 
US Fish & Wildlife Service Officer (G.S. 7) – $43,251 
State Park Ranger – $33,356 
Army Corps of Engineers Park Ranger (G.S. 7) -$ 43,251

  • Conservation Officer
  • Federal Conservation Officer
  • Conservation Law Officer in the private sector
  • More jobs …


The Conservation Law Enforcement Technology Department will provide educational preparation for employment in forestry-related technologies, which will prepare the student for productive employment, as well as to provide opportunities for lifelong learning.

What to Expect – Conservation Law Enforcement Technology

Program participants will receive in-the-field experience and training. Most classes meet only once a week, and students typically take two of the classes a semester. Since our classes only meet once a week, they typically last for most of the morning. This allows enough time for students to view various locations in a day. Our students visit a variety of sites such as State Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs), National Wildlife Refuges, National Forest, Army Corp of Engineers property, industrial lands as wells as a variety of non-industrial private property. This vast assortment of sites allows our students to see forest and wildlife management across an array of landowners, agencies, and objectives.

Meet our Instructor

James Floyd
(662) 227-2336
Industrial Technology Complex (ITC)